The Rule of Law Association (ROLA) is a professional forum, academic discussion group and training association that considers how to provide guidance to governments and its agencies on rule of law practices and norms. ROLA conducts training and certification to lawyers, judges, jurists, professionals, police departments and government officials, verifying that clear standards and guidelines are followed that uphold justice and the rule of law. ROLA examines and verifies when rule of law adherence to the legal norms is expected, followed or ignored. The Rule of Law Association also considers the validity of dispute resolution systems for private and public grievances by identifying systems promoting the fair and impartial distribution of justice, in both alternative dispute resolution and judicial venues.

ROLA will endeavor to cooperate with the World Citizenship and Good Governance Council and other governments, inter-governmental organizations and non-governmental organizations, to provide, at the request of States, technical assistance and capacity-building, including education and training on rule of law related issues, as well as to share best practices, customs, standards and lessons learned on the rule of law.

The ROLA Judicial Education Committee is designated to develop education and training programs.

To further international cooperation, ROLA works through globally organized committees and subcommittees specialized in subject areas including: 

  • Rule of Law in practice
  • Education programs
  • Judiciary Training 
  • Professional Training
  • Regional Peace and Security
  • Access to Justice
  • Separation of Powers
  • Privacy
  • Government surveillance 
  • Democratization of information
  • Judiciary impartiality
  • Free Speech
  • Media and Social Networking
  • Energy, Mineral, Oil and Gas Exploration and Development Rule of law
  • English and Linguistics
  • Rule of law
  • Education Administration Rule of Law and the Law of the Seas and Piracy
  • Rule of law History and Philosophy
  • Government Organizations Procedures and Policy
  • Inter-governmental Organizations Procedures and Policy
  • Non-Governmental Organizations Procedures and Policy